Robotic Milligram Scale Parallel Reactors

  • Reaction vessels with operation volumes from 0.5 to 125 mL
  • Automated liquid dispensing from 10 µL to 10 mL
  • Positive displacement pipettes for viscous liquids
  • Automated solid dispensing from 2 to 150 mg
  • Overhead stirring up to 750 RPM
  • In situ pH sensors
  • On-deck viscosity measurement
  • Operational temperature range from -55 to 180°C
  • Low oxygen and low moisture levels via nitrogen purge box
Unchained Labs Junior

Gram Scale Jacketed Reactor

  • Reaction vessels with operation volumes from 50 mL to 5 L
  • Operational temperature range from -40 to 180°C
  • Temperature control achieved through jacket of heating/cooling fluid around reaction vessel
  • In situ temperature, pH, conductivity, Raman, and/or IR sensors
  • Automated dosing via syringe pump (30 µL/min to 200 mL/min)
  • Overhead stirring up to 1,000 RPM
EasyMax 402

Cryo Reactor

  • Operational temperature as low as -65ºC without use of any circulating cooling fluid, dry ice, or liquid nitrogen
  • Reaction vessels with operation volumes from 1 to 100 mL
  • In situ temperature, pH, conductivity, IR, and/or Raman sensors
  • Automated dosing via syringe pump (30 µL/min to 200 mL/min)
  • Overhead stirring up to 1,000 RPM
Easymax 102 LT

High Pressure Reactor

  • Stainless steel reaction vessels with operation volumes up to 100 mL
  • Operational temperature range from -20 to 200°C
  • Operational pressure up to 60 bar
  • In situ temperature and pressure sensors
  • Overhead stirring
EM60 100-HC Pressure Reactor Set

Photochemical Reactor

  • 18W LED Light source (365 nm, 425 nm or 450 nm)
  • Multiple vials at once (2 x 20 mL, 8 x 2 mL, 8 x 4 mL, 8 x 8 mL, 32 x 0.3 mL)
  • Reactions at 0°C – 80°C
  • Magnetic stirring
Evoluchem Photoredox box Photoreactor


Flow Reactor

  • -70 to 250°C temperature range
  • 20 µL/min to 10mL/min flow rate range
  • 42 bar maximum reaction pressure
  • Tube and column reactors
  • In situ UV/Vis and IR measurement
  • Automated reagent loading and product collection
  • Photoreactors available in 220 to 600 nm wavelength range
Vapourtec RS-400


Microwave Reactor

  • 900 W magnetron
  • Reaction durations up to 100 h
  • Up to 100 mL per reaction vial (10, 35, & 100 mL vessels)
  • 21 Bar maximum operation pressure
  • 300ºC maximum operation temperature
  • In situ temperature measurement with IR sensors
  • Autosampler with up to 48 (10 mL) or 24 (35 mL) vials
CEM Discover 2.0


Electrochemical Reactor

  • Capable of running cyclic voltammetry, constant current, and constant potential experiments
  • Divided and undivided sample chambers available
  • Minimum voltage step of 10 mV
  • Voltage reading accurate to ± 16 mV
  • Current reading accurate to ± 6.2 µA
  • Various available electrodes (including glassy carbon, platinum, graphite, gold, and many others)
  • 1 mL, 2 mL, 5 mL, 10 mL, and 20 mL reaction vessel sizes
  • Able to run up to 6 reaction vessels at once
  • Can stir reaction vessels from 50 to 1,500 RPM
Electrasyn 2.0


Reaction Calorimeter

  • 10 to 1,000 mL usable reactor volume
  • Capable of measuring power as low as ± 0.1 W
  • Operational at isothermal, isoperibolic, constant or ramp heat flow, and temperature scanning modes
  • Stirring from 30 to 1,200 RPM
  • Capable of operating under difficult conditions such as reflux or at phase changes
Optimax HFCAL


Example applications include: DNA Synthesis, DNA Modification, DNA, DNA Oligomers, Nucleotide Synthesis, Custom DNA, Bespoke DNA, Oligonucleotide Synthesis


Example applications include: RNA, RNA Synthesis, Oligonucleotide Synthesis, Custom RNA Synthesis, Nucleotide Synthesis, Ribonucleic Acid Synthesis

Robotic DNS Synthesizer

Synthesis Columns

  • 40 nmol, 200 nmol, or 1 μmol scale ABI columns
  • Standard or custom columns available
  • 48x columns per batch


  • 8x standard phosphoramidate positions (standard or UltraMILD bases)
  • 6x custom modification positions (any custom solution can be loaded)
  • Positive pressure based delivery and draining (argon)

Synthesis Cycle

  • Custom coupling times for each phosphoramidate and modification
  • Double coupling after a programmable number of cycles
  • Custom volumes and incubation durations available for each step in the cycle


  • Heated or room temperature incubation with any custom cleavage cocktail for any programmable duration
  • Purification by filter and washing (with programmable amounts of solvent)
  • Optional neutralization and/or speedvacing or lyophilization of product
  • Can leave strands uncleaved on support for further solid phase synthesis
Dr. Oligo 48


Example applications include: Peptide Synthesis, Custom Peptides, Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis, Solid Phase Synthesis


Example applications include: PNA, Peptide Nucleic Acid, Oligomer Synthesis, PNA Oligomer, Custom PNA

Robotic Peptide Synthesizer

  • Compatible with Fmoc coupling strategies
  • Customizable coupling times, reagent amounts, and cycles
  • Customizable cleavage conditions
  • Customizable reagents and monomers
  • Customizable resuspension conditions
  • Double coupling after n-monomers available
  • Pre-activation available
  • 5 to 100 μmol scale

Reaction Vessels

  • Pressure push (nitrogen at 5 PSI) for flushing vessels
  • 24x reaction vessels (12x with optional pre-activation)
  • 10 mL vessels (~50 to 250 mg of resin) or 45 mL vessels (~50 mg to 1.125 g of resin)

Reagent Positions

  • Driven by nitrogen pressurization of source bottles
  • 28x 400 mL monomer positions
  • 8x reagent bottle positions (1 L or 4 L bottles)
  • 20 L of dimethylformamide (DMF) or other solvent containers
Symphony X


Automated Thermocycler

  • Temperature accuracy: ± 0.25°C (between 35.0 and 99.9°C)
  • Max block ramp rate: 3.5°C/sec
  • Max sample ramp rate: 1.8°C/sec
  • Temperature range: 4 to 105°C
  • Temperature uniformity: ± 0.50°C (20 sec after reaching 95°C)

Sample Constraints

  • Plate format: 96-well PCR plate
  • Sample volume: 10 to 100 µL
Automated Thermocycler


Example applications include: Compound Separation, Compound Purification, Mobile Phase, Solid Sorbent, Filtration

Small Robotic Liquid Handler

Synthesis Columns

  • Up to 6x 3 cc or 6 cc columns per batch (loaded with any resin)

Synthesis Cycle

  • Custom coupling times for addition
  • Custom volumes and incubation durations available for each step in the cycle


  • 6x 500 mL reagent bottles (any custom solution can be loaded)
  • 20x 12 mL reagent vials (any custom solution can be loaded)
  • 1x system wash solvent (up to 20 L carboys)
  • Positive pressure based delivery and draining (argon)
Gilson GX-271


Example applications include: Chemical crosslinking, Protein modification, Antibody modification, Fluorophore conjugated, Biotinylated

Liquid Handler

  • Low-volume chemical linking of biomolecules including microbeads, oligomers, proteins, and antibodies
  • Utilizes all available solid transfer, liquid transfer, and mixing instrumentation
  • Biomolecule activation can be specified prior to conjugation.
  • Reaction quenching can be specified after conjugation
  • Product workup including pelleting and filtering can be specified after conjugation
Hamilton Star