Transfer procedures can be carried out in a variety of atmospheric environments.


Example applications include: Creating Standard Curves, Dilutions, and Aliquots

Biosafety Cabinet

  • Laminar flow rate of 105 ft/min
  • Internal dimensions: 1.74 m x 0.438 m x 0.635 m
  • Has 2 vacuum traps for general cell culture aspiration needs
  • UV germicidal light for surface disinfection
  • 30% HEPA filtered exhaust air and 70% recirculated HEPA filtered air
  • Will have precision and analytical balances inside for gravimetric transfers

Fume Hood

  • Airflow velocity readout that is tracked by ECL Constellation: 60 to 100 ft/min
  • Internal dimensions: 1.8288 m x 0.9220 m x 0.5906 m
  • Supplied with nitrogen via in-house plumbing
  • Vacuum plumbing capabilities
  • pH, temperature, relative humidity, pressure sensors installed (tracked by ECL Constellation)
  • Equipped with analytical and precision balances for gravimetric transfers

Glove Box

  • Constant H₂O, O₂, and pressure monitoring
  • <1 ppm H₂O
  • <1 ppm O₂
  • Attached -35ºC freezer
  • No-downtime cartridge-based purifiers
  • Automatic antechamber cycle control

Hermetic Transfers (Cannulation)

  • Backfill of hermetic container with nitrogen or argon gas
  • Compatible with a wide range of needles and syringes to support a wide variety of hermetic containers
  • Hermetic transfers only happen in the fume hoods
  • Capable of anhydrous transfers

RNase Free

  • Optional RNase Away treatment for all materials and work surfaces

Sterile Transfers

  • Optional 70% Ethanol treatment of all materials and work surfaces

Hot/Cold Transfers

  • Samples can be transferred in warmed (30 to 105°C) and chilled (10 to -86ºC) conditions
  • Temperature immersion probe or IR probe for temperature verification during the transfer